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The Playground of Possibilities

Card Deck


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Coming soon (with your help, I hope!): a deck of 52 cards, with 52 questions designed to prompt you to examine and transform your thoughts, beliefs and stories about yourself and the world, and to experiment playfully with new ways of thinking and being.


Every question starts with “What would be possible for me if…?” For example:

  • I loved myself?
  • I surrendered?
  • I let go of all my excuses?
  • I didn’t always have to be right?
  • I believed I was worth it?
  • I took the first step?
  • I was grateful for everything I already have / do / am?
  • I trusted that it’s a friendly universe?
  • I knew I was enough?


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When I say “What would be possible?”, I mean “What POSITIVE things would be possible?”, so please don’t answer “Someone might punch me on the nose!”


Simply by asking yourself the questions, imagining the possibilities and noticing how you might be sabotaging yourself with unhelpful thoughts, beliefs and stories, you’ll see more options and feel inspired to take bold action.


Use the card deck yourself – shuffle the deck and pick a card each morning to get a question to ponder throughout the day, or pick a card whenever you want some guidance about a challenge or opportunity in your life.


Or if youre a coach, healer, bodyworker or therapist, use the deck with your clients.


Here’s a short video I filmed in my friend Susie’s lovely garden, about how to use the cards – I’m using my hand-made prototype deck:


Hey, the card deck isnt going to be the magic quick fix-it pill for your life. The questions might nudge you to delve deep to uncover and clear out your old, limiting thoughts, beliefs, stories, habits and BS. It might get uncomfortable. There might be tears. But it’s worth it, right? So the deck is just one resource out of many that the Universe is offering you. And its fun and easy to use.


Now  I’m asking for YOUR help, please!


I’m planning a crowdfunding campaign to raise the funds to get the first print run of the card deck designed and printed.


So if you’d like to be on my mailing list to receive news about the crowdfunding campaign and the launch of the card deck, skip on down to the sign-up form at the bottom of the page and say “Yes please!” To say thanks for signing up, I’ll send you a collection of 120 inspiring, thought-provoking quotes that I love, by Abraham, Brené Brown, Deepak Chopra, Albert Einstein, Louise Hay, Byron Katie, Rumi, Thich Nhat Hanh, Zig Ziglar and many others.


Then, you’ll have the opportunity to support the campaign, spread the word to your friends, and receive one of the very first Playground of Possibilities card decks, hot off the printing press.


By the way, I’ll donate a percentage of the revenue from every card deck to a worthy cause, for example a charity organisation that builds real-world playgrounds or encourages people (including adults!) to play.


Thanks – Kay
Your Head Tour Guide in The Playground of Possibilities