Hi, I’m Kay Ross


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I’m your Head Tour Guide in The Playground of Possibilities.


I was born in Glasgow, Scotland, and my family migrated to Adelaide, Australia, when I was three years old. Since September 1993, I’ve lived in one of the world’s most exciting, high-energy cities: Hong Kong.


My three passions are marketing, performing and healing, and theyre all connected by a common thread: storytelling – the stories we tell ourselves and the world, about ourselves and the world.




For over 35 years, I’ve built a career as a marketing consultant, editor and copywriter – that means I write and edit compelling, shareworthy marketing material; advise clients about their marketing strategies, and teach corporate and public workshops about marketing. My company is Kay Ross Marketing. Tweet me nice at @kayross.



  • I’m an actor – since I was a teenager, Ive performed in many plays and musical-theatre shows
  • Ive sung in many choirs
  • I used to perform stand-up comedy, and now I perform with People’s Liberation Improv, an English-language improv troupe in Hong Kong
  • Im an Applied Improvisation trainer – that means I lead corporate and public workshops about how to approach life and business with a “Yes, and…” improvisational mindset. The results, for individuals, teams and companies, include better leadership, teamwork, communication, trust, creativity, innovation, resilience, resourcefulness and nimble adaptiveness to change.


See the Performing page on my website.



For many years, I’ve been passionate about personal and spiritual growth and healing. I’m a voracious reader of self-help books, and I’ve done LOTS of workshops, including “Money & You” (and its follow-up courses, “Creating Wealth” and “Powerful Presentations”), Reiki 1, Rebirthing, NLP, “Loving Relationships Training” with Sondra Ray, “Medical Intuition and Energy Healing” with Dr Elaine Woodall, “Systemic Constellations” with Jane Peterson, several “Effortless Prosperity” workshops with Bijan Anjomi, “Somatic Movement” workshops with Mark Chandlee Taylor, a firewalk, two wonderful weeks at the OSHO meditation resort in Pune, India…


I’ve also served on the volunteer logistics team at many personal development events, including workshops presented by the “Money & You” organisation in Adelaide, Hong Kong, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur; the TEDxHappyValley event in Hong Kong (April 2013, on the theme of Resilience), and the UPLIFT 13 festival in Byron Bay, Australia (December 2013).


And I trained for 12 years as a practitioner of a bodywork/energy/healing methodology called Body Harmony.


See the Healing page on my website.


So here’s my story


My life has been a journey from feeling like a victim to feeling blessed. I had a very painful childhood, so I was angry with the world. I felt like my heart was surrounded by a barbed-wire fence, I was constantly vigilant against attack, and I didn’t believe in any kind of loving higher power.


My healing journey began when I was about 30 years old, and my big sister Susan gave me a copy of Louise Hay’s book “You Can Heal Your Life”.




After a long, slow process with lots of ups and downs, I came to understand that I’m not a victim, I can trust the Universe, my thoughts really do create my reality, and it truly is possible to be happy.


Best of all, I’ve learned that when I behave as if the Universe is safe, benevolent and abundant, my life flows with more ease and grace and joy.


Why am I doing this?


Lots of books I’ve read, many teachers I’ve learned from and all of my experiences – the joyful and the painful – have inspired me to develop the concept of “The Playground of Possibilities”.


Actually, it’s more than that: it feels like the idea is DEMANDING to be expressed through me.


And because of my childhood wounds and my healing journey, it breaks my heart to see other people in pain. I’m certain the card deck and my workshops will help.


What’s so delightful (and a little bit scary) about this is that it feels like the Universe is inviting ME to live in The Playground of Possibilities, to experiment with being joyful and trusting, to let go of my excuses, to take bold action, to improvise, to heal myself, and to be a shining beacon, showing YOU that it’s possible.


About the Playground of Possibilities


What is The Playground of Possibilities? LIFE is a playground of possibilities!


Colorful children s playground isolated on white background


I believe that life (or Source, the Universe, God, Goddess, the Divine, the Field of Potential or whatever you want to call it) is constantly offering us infinite possibilities – it’s up to us to make our choices, reach out and gratefully welcome them in.


It’s an invitation to PLAY and experiment with the way you think, feel and behave, regardless of your outer circumstances, and regardless of what you’ve been told is logical or realistic.


So living as if your life is a Playground of Possibilities means:
– tapping into Source, the Universe, God, Goddess, the Field of Potential…
– examining and transforming your thoughts, beliefs and stories about yourself and the world
– experimenting, improvising and playing with new, more resourceful ways of thinking and being
– maintaining a state of high physical energy, vibration, expansion and joy
– approaching life with a positive, courageous and joyfully curious “What if?” mindset
– listening to your wise inner voice
– making choices, taking bold action, and willingly taking responsibility for your choices
– trusting that things will work out even better than you could have imagined


The Playground of Possibilities is a real-world place, not just an abstract idea. What I mean is that you really do live in a playground of possibilities, because the Universe offers you unlimited possibilities, and things work better when you approach life with a playful, trusting attitude.


In The Playground, I offer you a card deck with 52 questions designed to prompt you to let go of your old, limiting thoughts, beliefs and stories about yourself and the world, chose more useful ones, and take inspired action. Then, using the card deck, I also offer one-on-one coaching and group workshops that incorporate some introspective healing processes, some energy/bodywork activities, and even some fun improvisation games (so you get to explore new ways of being, and practise trusting yourself, others and the Universe). See Events.


I don’t claim to be a guru, and I’m not promising you a magic quick-fix pill. I’m just someone who’s on a journey, like you, trying to make sense of things and to live a life full of love, joy, meaning, connection and fulfillment.


And this is NOT for you if youre a cynical, misery-guts Negative Nelly who automatically says Yes, but you have to be realistic to every suggestion.


Here’s an episode of a podcast that I was interviewed on in June 2019: “Kay Ross Imagining Possibilities through Improvisation”, hosted by Margot Escott (32m 35s). We chatted about The Playground of Possibilities, improv, Applied Improvisation, healing and several other topics.


And here’s an episode of the “PlayGrounding” podcast by Kara Stewart Fortier, published October 20, 2020: “Discover the Playground of Possibilities with Kay Ross” – we chatted about play, improvisation and The Playground of Possibilities, and I gave her a demo of the card deck (audio and video, 42m 7s).



So if youre open to these ideas, come and play!




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