Improvising More Resourceful, Joyful Ways of Being

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I’m so excited! I’m going to present a 90-minute experiential workshop at the international conference of the Applied Improvisation Network in Montreal, Canada. The conference runs September 24-27, and my workshop is scheduled for Saturday September 26, 10.30am. And you’re invited.


A chalet at the conference venue, Blueberry Lake Resort, about 90 minutes north-west of Montreal

A chalet at the conference venue, Blueberry Lake Resort, about 90 minutes north-west of Montreal


What is “Applied Improvisation”? It’s about taking the principles, skills and mindset that improvisers use onstage when they perform without a script, and taking them offstage into life and business. The results, for individuals, teams, organisations and communities, include better teamwork, leadership, communication, trust, creativity, innovation, intelligent risk-taking, problem-solving and nimble responsiveness to change and the unexpected. The Applied Improvisation Network is an international group of practitioners – I’m a member.


So the conference isn’t just for improv performers or experienced Applied Improvisation practitioners – it’s for anyone who wants to explore how to apply the principles, skills and mindset of improvisation in their life and work: coaches, healers, therapists, bodyworkers, counsellors, youth workers, doctors, nurses, teachers, trainers, management consultants, disaster-response workers, lawyers, conflict mediators…


About the workshop


My workshop, titled “Life is a Playground of Possibilities – Improvising More Resourceful, Joyful Ways of Being”, is part of the conference track called “Improvisation for Personal Development : with the intention of healing, uncovering and nurturing your potential, magnifying creativity and spirituality”.


In the workshop, I’ll invite and guide participants to:

  • examine and transform their thoughts, beliefs and stories about themselves and the world,
  • listen to the wisdom of their body,
  • pay attention to the offers from the Universe,
  • play some improvisation games where they’ll try on some new, more resourceful ways of thinking and being,
  • play with my prototype Playground of Possibilities card deck (with 52 thought- and action-provoking questions),
  • get a taste of what it might be like to live in the Playground of Possibilities, every day
  • support other players to step into the Playground.


What do I mean by “Life is a Playground of Possibilities”?


I mean that in every moment, the Universe offers us abundant opportunities and invites us to decide what we want, believe that it’s possible to have it, let it in, and be happy.

When you live as if your life is a playground of possibilities, you’ll start to examine your thoughts, beliefs and stories, you’ll notice how they’ve created your current reality, and you’ll begin to see that you really do have the choice and the power to change.

And when you approach life with a mindset of being open to new possibilities, being willing to experiment playfully and courageously with new ways of thinking and being, and paying attention to the Universe’s taps on your shoulder, then you’ll see wonderful opportunities everywhere.

And best of all, when you trust, ask for help and surrender to the safety of the loving embrace of a Universe that’s conspiring on your behalf, things will unfold even better than you could have imagined.

Please explore this website for more information about the Playground of Possibilities concept, my card deck and me.


See you in Montreal?

I hope to see you at the AIN conference in Montreal. Or contact me if you’d like me to run a workshop for your organisation, in Hong Kong or anywhere..

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