Thank You!


Thanks, I appreciate you!


Firstly, thanks and much love to my friends around the world who have supported and encouraged me in this project (sorry if I’ve missed anyone!)


Susan Ross   Omanisa Ross   Nelly Angel   Christine Ridal   Angela Spaxman   Carole Lewis   Michele Davis   Bess Hepworth   Tracey Fenner   Anne Cousin   Brigitta Dunki   Anita Cheung   Ruby T. Ong   Belina Raffy   Katie Flowers
Billy Wong, website wizard   Claire Fenner   Anshuman Das   Christine Amala Hayes   Emma Hawkins   Joseph Ng
Gillian Elsworth   Jenny Eagleton   Suzie Siebert   Lara Ding   Shelagh Jones   Julien Bertrand   Surdham Amano
Yvonne McCracken   Swraj Khare   Carolyn Barwick   Aurora Corpus   Kirk Nugent   Isabel Parlett   Therese Skelly
Nicole Denholder  Elise Phillipson


My “angel workshop” friends in Hong Kong:
Chris Perera, Serene Chan, Mimi Ho, Mandy Ma and Maria Wong


My teachers and friends from the “Awakening of Love” workshop in Hong Kong:
Pia Muggerud   Samved Dass   Jessica Syvones   Rose Allender     Alexandra Mount   Alix Farquhar   Amanda Li
Andre Wai   Helen Chan   James Jackson   Joelle Bradford   Michelle Comrie   Oliver Barg   Anna Williams
Wera Hack   Yeshma Sawlani


Everyone who supported my successful crowdFUNding campaign to raise funds to get the card deck printed:
Jennifer Wyatt, MJ Jennings, Nicole Denholder, Dicky Ka Wai Tong, Mark Greene, Christian F. Freisleben, Cecilia Yeung, Dennis Kim, Elise Phillipson, Guilda Kabalan, Michele Davis, Frances Maddern, Susan Ross, Stephen Barnes, Sarah Merrill Mowat, Ron Ross, Beth Boynton, Katie T. Larson, Anshuman Das, Mark Hurwich, Della Rowley, Chris Pitcher, Katherine Dale, Beatrice Remy, Carolyn Barwick, Ruby T. Ong, Keven Duff, Keisha Siriboe, Randy Prescott, Chris Tannous, Tom Allison, Omanisa Ross, Falguni Mather, Jeanne Hartman, Gary Ware, Stingo Chan, Mark Anup Karlsson, Yee Wah Wong, Gillian Kew, Shelagh Jones, Susie Bates, Viv McWaters, Isobel McKenzie, Willo Sana, Rosamund Murn, Samved Dass, Christopher Coleman, Ariel. A. Diccion, Jude Treder-Wolff, Anne Cousin, Dorothee Chareyron, Angeles Tioseco


And everyone who has “Liked”, shared or commented on the daily “What would be possible for me if…?” questions that I’ve been posting on Facebook and Twitter




“For substantially all ideas are second-hand, consciously and unconsciously drawn from a million outside sources…”
– Mark Twain


These people (and probably lots of others) have influenced my thinking about the concept of the Playground of Possibilities:


Dr Patch Adams


Nelly Angel

Bijan Anjomi, “Effortless Prosperity”

Kathleen Ann

My Body Harmony teachers: Don McFarland, Linda McFarland, Duncan Hogg and Ginna Carruthers

Nic Askew, “Soul Biographies”

Marcus Aurelius, ancient Roman emperor and philosopher

Martha Beck

Tara Bennett-Goleman

Phil Bolsta

Jim Carrey – see his Commencement Address at the 2014 MUM Graduation

Kyle Cease

Pema Chödrön

Dr Deepak Chopra

D.C. Cordova, “Money & You”

Dr Joe Dispenza

Heather Dominick

Mike Dooley, “TUT”

Jonathan Fields, “Good Life Project”

Marie Forleo

Scott Freeman

Buckminster Fuller

Katie Goodman

Pam Grout

Thich Nhat Hanh

Leif Hansen

Louise Hay

Christine Amala Hayes

Sally Hogshead, “How to Fascinate”

Michelle James, The Center for Creative Emergence

Jon Kabat-Zinn

Byron Katie, “The Work”

Robert Kiyosaki – he was the trainer when I did the “Money & You” course in Adelaide in March 1989

Dr Bruce Lipton

Susanna Maida, ReWeaving the World

Michael Margolis, “Get Storied”

Diane McCann Mathews, “Beyond the Ordinary”

Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche

Anita Moorjani, author of “Dying to be Me”

Kirk Nugent, “Pursue Your Passion”

Oprah Winfrey


Isabel Parlett, “The Soundbite Shaman”

Dr Candace Pert

Lizabeth Phelps

Elizabeth Purvis

Dr Lissa Rankin

Chip Richards

Omanisa Ross, Spiritual Naturopath, Healer and Counsellor (and my niece)

Rumi, my favourite poet


Martin Seligman

Florence Scovel Shinn, author of “The Game of Life and How To Play It”

Simon Sinek

Therese Skelly, “Happy in Business”

Devorah Spilman, “Spilman Storyselling”

Kendall SummerHawk

The Dalai Lama

Eckhart Tolle

Doreen Virtue

Alan Watts

Julie Way

Dr Darren Weissman

Richard Wiseman

Benjamin Zander and Rosamund Stone Zander

And all my friends in the improv and Applied Improvisation community around the world


Love – Kay