Welcome to

The Playground

of Possibilities!





What would be possible for you if you let go of
your old, limiting thoughts, beliefs and stories about yourself?

And what if you chose more useful ones?





Maybe lifes going pretty well for you and, like me, you LOVE reading self-help books; youre a workshop junkie; you watch videos about healing, personal development and spiritual growth; you meditate; you consult your deck of angel cards; you have regular sessions with your coach and all kinds of interesting healers and bodyworkers; you trust in a higher power…




So doesn’t it drive you nuts when things don’t go the way you’d hoped and planned, as quickly as you wanted?


I’m Kay Ross, an Australian living in Hong Kong, and I know that frustration. It sucks!


Maybe, like me, you sometimes go through phases of feeling stuck, fearful, hopeless and powerless. Your work and your relationships don’t make your heart sing anymore. You wonder why everyone else is having all the fun and love and success that you want. And you slip into blaming other people and your circumstances for your problems.


Or maybe you sabotage yourself by believing that nagging voice in your head – you know, the one that constantly says “Not good enough.” Sometimes you just don’t love yourself. And you worry that maybe it’s too late or it’s going to be too hard, or even impossible, for you to change.



Here’s the good news


There really is a fun, quick and easy way for you to:

  • transform your thoughts, beliefs and stories about yourself and the world,
  • listen to the wisdom of your body,
  • tap into the benevolent abundance of the Universe,
  • take bold action, and
  • approach life with more love, joy, trust, compassion, integrity, forgiveness, resilience, gratitude, courage, responsibility, serenity, mindfulness, playfulness…


That’s good news too if you’re a coach, healer, therapist, bodyworker or trainer who’s looking for a tool and some ideas to help your clients heal and thrive.


Life is a Playground of Possibilities!


Yes, I believe that LIFE is a playground of possibilities – in every moment, the Universe offers us abundant opportunities and asks us to decide what we want, trust that it’s possible to have it, let it in, and be happy.  


When you live as if your life is a Playground of Possibilities, you’ll start to:

  • become more aware of your thoughts, beliefs and stories,
  • notice how they’ve played a big part in creating your current reality, and
  • see that you really do have the choice and the power to change.


And when you approach life with an improvisational mindset of being open to new possibilities, being willing to experiment playfully and courageously with new ways of thinking and being, and paying attention to the Universe’s taps on your shoulder, then you’ll see delightful opportunities everywhere.  


Best of all, when you trust, ask for help and surrender to the safety of the loving embrace of a Universe that’s conspiring on your behalf, things will unfold even better than you could have imagined.  


Pick a card, any card…  


The first fun resource I’ve created in The Playground of Possibilities is a card deck, with 52 questions designed to prompt you to transform your thoughts, beliefs and stories about yourself and the world. They also invite you to experiment playfully with new, more resourceful ways of being.


Thanks to my successful crowdFUNding campaign, the printed deck is now available. Shop



I’ve received some great feedback:

  • My friend Kirk Nugent, an inspirational poet, speaker and author, said:
    “I believe that the world will welcome the Playground of Possibilities with open arms.”
  • My niece Omanisa Ross in Darwin, Australia, whos a gifted naturopath, healer, writer and artist, said:
    “I love the sound of your new project. Fantastic questions! Very powerful. I’d love to use your cards with my clients. They would love them. So would many of my colleagues.”
  • Aurora Corpus, who enjoys the daily questions that I post on Facebook, commented:
    “…it’s working…attracting…better…stuff I love…fabulous…enjoying life more…awesome feeling…confidence and self-esteem booster…what a ride…”
  • Dennis Tae Wook Kim came to see me for a bodywork/healing session to deal with his uncertainty about which career path to choose. At the end of our session, I invited him to pick a “Playground of Possibilities” card. A week later, he wrote this comment (and happily gave me permission to publish his comment and his name):
    “Perhaps the biggest change I’ve seen is regards to the card I picked from your “Playground of Possibilities”. I remember it asked me what would be possible if I allowed myself to be vulnerable. That question really manifested itself this past weekend, and it indirectly helped me make my career decision. I feel more confident with the career path I have chosen, even if it’s different to what I initially decided. Funny enough, allowing myself to be vulnerable has lifted a lot of the stiffness and tightness off my back. I feel a lot lighter! It made me think a lot about how the emotional and mental baggage we carry emerges as physical symptoms.”
  • Megha Kaul Sharma said:
    “I got my deck as a gift and it is the best best best ever thing to start the day with.”


Talks and interviews


“Welcome to the Playground of Improvisational Possibilities | Kay Ross | TEDxHKPolyU”
On March 10, 2018, I was a speaker at the TEDxHKPolyU event at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. The theme of the day was “Unscripted” and I spoke about how life is an improvisation game and a playground of possibilities. (Video, 15m 8s)


“Discover the Playground of Possibilities with Kay Ross”
A conversation with Kara Stewart Fortier on her “PlayGrounding” podcast, October 20, 2020. (Video, 42m 7s)


“Artistry Ep 18 :Kay Ross II Improvisation II Playground of Possibilities II Diptii Shah”
“Artistry” is Diptii Shah’s interview-based video podcast that aims to recognise, showcase and celebrate women from a wide variety of professions. It’s all about People, Passion and Purpose! We chatted about my work/play in improv, Applied Improvisation and The Playground of Possibilities. (Video, 23m 7s, January 2022)


“166 – Kay Ross Teaches Us About the Improvisation of Life”
An episode of the “Shooting It Raw” podcast by Ran Elfassy. (Video, 52m 23s, June 5, 2023)
We chatted about improvisation (theatre without a script), Applied Improvisation (applying the principles and mindset of improvisation in life and work), “The Playground of Possibilities”, ChatGPT, marketing, and life in Hong Kong (where we both live).
Before recording each episode of his podcast, Ran invites his guest to send him four photographs that are meaningful to them. But he doesn’t look at the photographs until he’s actually recording the conversation – he describes the photos for listeners and they prompt his questions.


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Will you meet me in The Playground of Possibilities?